Operation mode of a biofiltration: The biofilter contains a media called biomass containing the bacteria specifically placed during the start up of the installation.
The polluted air will go through this media, co-current or counter-current.
The pollutants will be absorbed and neutralized into the biofilter.

The enclosure of the biofilter can be made out of concrete (civil engineering) or plastic out of our design. We have several types of modular designs (containers) in PPH or HDPE. There is different type of support of biomass (mineral or organic).

Depending on the operating conditions, the biofilter can be preceded of a scrubber in order to take away one first part of the pollutants and to place the bacteria in the best conditions and to have a good efficiency of the installation.

This process does not use any chemical but alive being, the bacteria. The operating conditions must be moderate: ambient temperature, continuous operation, no strong concentrations of pollutants.