Operation mode of a spraying scrubber: The spraying scrubber is dedicated to treat the air containing soluble pollutants (acids, ammonia...). The air is going counter-current to the sprayed liquid and are solubilised and neutralized into it (chemical reaction).

The spraying ramps composed of nozzles are placed at the top of the scrubber. They are producing fine and dense drops in order to do the gas/liquid transfer.

Once the pollutants are solubilised, they will be degraded and neutralized inside le liquid by some chemical products (reagents). The scrubbing liquid will be emptied periodically, send to the water

The scrubber can be realized in PPH or HDPE. The diameter of the scrubber, the type and height of packing, will be design regarding the temperature of the gas, the type of pollutants and the airflow to treat. The scrubber ends by a droplet separator stopping the drops pulled by the gas.

This process uses chemicals. The operating conditions are really flexible: high temperatures discontinue process, high concentrations of pollutants.