Active carbon

The active carbon or the zeolite are medias that are characterized by an important adsorption surface per volume unit. Many pollutants can be adsorbed by theses medias.

Regarding the type of pollutant (H2S, NH3, VOC’s...), we can propose different support. Some can be impregnated in order to increase the attraction of the pollutants.

These media have a limited number of cavities welcoming the polluting molecules, it’s thus necessary to proceed to the replacement of the media as soon it’s saturated.

The carbon filters is the simplest process we have. It does not need any instrumentation, pump... The maintenance is easy. If the quantity of pollutant is important, the running costs will not be interesting: it’s necessary to think about other alternative (scrubber or biofilters).

This type of solution, dry filtration, correspond to airflows from 100 m³/h to 6 000 m³/h.